Earth Heart Hum Part 1

by Samuel Romero

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Music, art for that matter has the power to heal. It is an inner voice, a reservoir of creativity that is inexhaustible. Being musical is not about the skill or having extraordinary technical abilities, it is about having an intimate relationship to that urge within everyone to create. Being artistic is a natural state of being. It is taking life itself and giving back to it - a harmony. Earth Heart Hum was born once this realization began to feed everything I created. Every art piece, every song, every poem came from this emanating instinct to create and trust that what comes is a sincere expression of what need be expressed. Art has this power to realign the mind, the inner world into an omnipotent source of creativity. Inspiration appears at first like a godsend and then it becomes a way of living. Living inspired is knowing that in this moment there is creativity available, there is the relationship to life ready at hand. This realization is readily available at all moments. It is the very essence being creative. Earth Heart Hum has helped me expand this within myself and it is my hope to share this inspiration with the world.


released September 25, 2015

Earth Heart Hum part 1

Samuel Romero – acoustic & electric guitar, voice
Remington Cooney – harmonica
Laura Reznek – violin, keys
Ben Rowley– drums, keys
Steve Bokudo Holy - double bass
Carolyn Deady – voice
Leah Barley – voice
Cody Taylor - shaker

Produced by
Cody Taylor and Samuel Romero

Recorded & mixed by
Cody Taylor
guest engineer on Apple Seed – Luke Johnson

Mastered by
Josh Bowman

Artwork by Samuel Romero
Photography by Angie Skidmore
Album design by Gabrielė Gaurilčikaitė

Songs and Lyrics by Samuel Romero (SOCAN)
This album is a collaborative effort thanks to the all the musicians involved who delivered their unique musical expression to every song

Recorded in Vancouver at Fiend Recordings January – August 2015 /



all rights reserved


Samuel Romero Vancouver, British Columbia

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Track Name: Angel Soul
Angel Soul
What is this happening to me?
I don’t know who I am
you say it’s all natural
it’s a part of being real
I’ve been saying so many things
of which I don’t believe
because anything that I say
is not what I intend to mean
and you’ve been telling me
that I’ll be fine
and I’ve tried to believe
I believe that I’ll be alright
because you’ve been telling me
I know I broke your heart
when I broke my own
I’m sorry for the hurt I brought
to your angel soul
so I tried to figure out who I am
but there was nothing I could find
I could say was me
so I am left with what I am
and it’s not what I had thought
I am the wind, the tree, the sky, I am the sea
Track Name: Nowhere
So how do I get back to it?
the stillness that rests within
at times I’m overflowing with it
and other days it escapes me
will you remember me
when you reach your destiny?
will you forget everyone?
even those that you loved before
and now that you’re here
is it any different than before?
did you dream it would be this way?
or does it feel like you’re nowhere?
so how do I get back to it?
the stillness that rests within
Track Name: When It's Time
When it's time
When it’s time you will see
when it’s time you will see
you will see, you will see
when it’s right you will know
when it’s right you will see
you will see, you will see
when it’s right you will know
when it’s right you will know
you will know, you will know
Track Name: The Wheel
The Wheel
You’ve been dragging around a bag
of bones and an old wheel
the wheel that makes your heart spin
and your mind chases after the wheel
there’s a fire burning I hope you feel the flame
because it has always been burning
one day it will wrap you in its flame
and one day it will wrap me in its flame
so you make your wish on a star
and you raise crosses at your bed
that won’t change who you are
if you don’t get outside your head
and if I don’t get outside my head
and your heart keeps on turning
don’t you know that’s the way it goes
and your mind keeps on the run
because you haven’t learned to begin
this work that’s been laid out
from now until the end
and if it wasn’t worth all of this yearning
then I wouldn’t have to know
and you wouldn’t have to know
So you lose everything
because that’s what you chose to do
but you will gain everything
because that’s what’s been chosen for you
and will you know who you are
when you look up to the sun?
will it matter to anyone
when you’re dead and gone?
and when I am dead and gone?